It may be a little thwarting for parents, but looking at the alarming state of teenage pregnancies and STDs, a new program supported and federally-aided by the California Department of Public Health will allow the adolescents to order condoms online free of cost.

The initiative has already faced the heat of the critics and parents who believe that it will promote teenage sex among the young kids.

The Condom Access Project (CAP) is aimed at promoting safer sex and hence it will provide free protection to teenagers aged between 12 and 19 via mail in California, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Alameda, Kern and parts of San Francisco counties.

The new scheme will facilitate teens to order a pack of 10 condoms a month along with lubricants and a health brochure through a Web site

The site also provides information about safe sex, STDs, birth control and features a clinic locator where the individuals can find sex healthcare centers in their close vicinity.