California-based Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp. says it is set to make history again, by being the first broadcasting company in the world to attempt a 3D production of a live surfing event.

Privately-held Ubiquity will produce 3D content from The Da Hui Presents the Sponsor Me Backdoor Shootout January 3, 2011, held at the world famous Banzai Pipeline, on the North Shore of Hawaii.

The company says it will distribute the 3D content captured at the Backdoor Shootout to 3D networks, theatres, and to the production of DVD’s.

Ubiquity says it's 3D camera has two camera eyes that match the right eye with the left eye in full frame simultaneously, while digitally syncing the image. The 3D camera processes images from each camera eye in a full 35mm frame at 200 frames per second, making it the fastest 3D camera out there.

Makua Rothman, Bruce Irons, Reef Mcintosh, Sunny Garcia, Kai Barger, Jamie O Brien, Ian Walsh, and John John Florence are just some of the surfers signed up for the event, says the company.

Big waves make for great 3D television, 3D movies, and 3D Imax. There are currently very few 3D options; we aim to be one of the premier 3D options in the Action Sports arena, says chief executive Chris Carmichael.

In June 2010, the company live broadcasted Hawaii’s first surfing contest using an IP Backhaul, giving broadcasters the ability to broadcast live events over the internet, television, and mobile media devices from hard to reach places.

Also, Ubiquity will broadcast the 2011 Sponsor Me Sunset Open live in HD using its patented IP Backhaul technology to the internet at, on television through Time Warner Oceanic Cable, and on mobile media devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. The 2011 Sponsor Me Sunset Open is set for January 14-23, 2011.