California-based game developer Infinity Ward has previewed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3- Spec Ops mode at the E3 and hopes that it can add to the already attained fame of the game, a report said.

The ‘Spec Ops’ mode comes with a range of self-contained and challenging missions which are based on the maps from the campaign, said a detailed review of the game in the Guardian.

The developer showcased the 'survival' mode of the Spec Ops at the E3, where the players will have to survive through a wave of enemy attacks.

The most interesting map in the mode is the 'Dome' where the players will be placed in a satellite station. The structure is infested with small covers and few cul-de-sacs which can provide enough cover for a player to gather his wits and reload his weapon. The cul-de-sacs also provide an excellent cover to scope out enemies who keep on spawning from different areas in the map.

The waves of enemies have been developed in a way to get better and challenging with every round. One or two enemy soldiers appear in the first round but as soon as the round progresses, the soldiers seem to appear with dogs who spawn from different parts of the area.

The rounds tend to get even more complicated when spetsnaz forces take over the area whose main feature is to roll over, dive and sneak up. The players will also face choppers which have to be shot down to progress. The difficult part about the chopper scenario is that they will not be seen and the player will have to depend on his hearing abilities to track his/her next area of target.

Later, enemies and dogs appear who are strapped with C4 explosives and the only way out is to shoot them from distance.

The players will start with a basic handgun and cash can be earned from every kill the player makes which can then be used for purchasing weapons and ammo. Weapons can either be purchased from the entire Modern Warfare selection or can also be upgraded. ACR 6.8 can be a good weapon for this scenario.

The development team, in the background, has added a constant ranking feature for the player to earn bonus experience points, which also helps to improve the player’s ranking, said the report.