iOS gamers now have a new option for getting their "Call of Duty" fix on the go.

"Call of Duty: Strike Team" was announced for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch today. "Call of Duty: Strike Team" lets "Call of Duty: Strike Team" players control squads of up to four Strike Team members, all of which have customizable skills and loadouts. "Call of Duty: Strike Team" will be released today.

What's more, "Call of Duty: Strike Team" allows you to play from either a first-person or third-person perspective, and you'll also be able to switch between them seamlessly.

"Call of Duty: Strike Team is all about giving a single-player experience that is unlike anything else in the Call of Duty world in a way that matches the interests of players on the go," said Mark Washbrook, studio head at The Blast Furnace.

"Call of Duty: Strike Team" also promises that the story-based single-player campaign will offer missions with high levels of replayability in the game's Survival Mode. "Call of Duty: Strike Team" will also feature many weapons, perks, ranks and prestige levels. There will also be leaderboards, allowing you to compete with friends and family.

Players who already have a "Call of Duty" account can log in to "Call of Duty: Strike Team" to get exclusive in-game bonuses.

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