In a step to ensure that all nursing home residents are not being malnourished, nutritionists have call for a compulsory food inspection to be conducted.

Dietitians Association of Australia, the nation leading nutrition group says one in two aged-care residents have poor diets.

In a submission to a federal review of aged-care funding, the association has requested finance for accredited dieticians to review the menus on offer.

It also requests for better training for nursing home staff to correctly measure the weight of residents and monitor their food intake.

Julie Dundon, the association president says malnourished residents are more likely to have higher risks for falls, fractures and infections such as bed ulcers.

In the submission she stated, All at a huge cost to the taxpayer.

The Rudd government is reviewing the federal funding subsidies to aged-care homes. A total of $7 billion will be spent to support about 210,000 Australians in residential aged-care in 2008-09.