Brazilian model and host of “Shear Genius,” Camila Alves, stopped by ABC's “The View” on Wednesday to talk about her rough beginning in America working as a maid and her troublesome, recent pregnancy with her actor husband, Matthew McConaughey.

The now 31-year-old said she originally came to America at age 15 leaving her hometown in Brazil to pursue a career in fashion. With no knowledge of the English language, she said she was forced to work as a maid, according to Yahoo News.

"I come from a simple background, so I couldn’t call my father and say, 'Come pay my bills,’ so I had to get out there and work,” Alves, who credits her father for getting her where she is today, said.

"My father always told me, 'Before you become a queen, you have to learn how to take care of your own things.’ So I knew how to do all of it, but I had never really done it on a daily basis. So I was cleaning houses, and I started working restaurants," Alves said.

The couple, who have been dating since 2007, just welcomed their third child into the world, Livingston Alves, in December, but Alves told the ladies of “The View” that the experience was nothing short of traumatic.

“This time around, it has been a really tough recovery. I had a really tough pregnancy. ... I had all kind of things happen throughout the pregnancy. I had really strong pains, and I kept telling the doctors,” Alves, who said she had to have a C-section in addition to many other procedures and is still currently in recovery, said.

The couple are also parents to Levi, 4 and Vida, 3.