It's no secret that screen protectors keep your phone clean from dust, fingerprints, and anything else that may contaminate your screen. But what about bullets?

According to a new advertisement, ClearPlex brand of screen protectors can save MacBook Pros and iPhones from a gunshot. Although most mobile devices are equipped with heavy-duty glass screens, ClearPlex proves that their screen protectors can withstand some heavy impact. In the video commercial, an elderly woman armed with a machine gun fires some shots at a MacBook Pro sans ClearPlex, completely destroying the computer's screen and keyboard. The grandma then guns down an iPhone soaring through the air, finding that the smartphone is completely shattered, with holes and cracks torn through its entire body.

But, when the gun-wielding granny shoots an airborne iPhone covered in ClearPlex, the damage is significantly less. In fact, it's almost non-existent. The screen and body are still intact, leaving only a small bullet hole near the phone's home button. Of course, this is bound to be quite an exaggeration, but ClearPlex communicates its message.

ClearPlex began by creating protective film covers for vehicles and windshields, and is aggressively pursuing new products that will be more durable, easier and less expensive to install, according to its website. The product is made of scratch resistant material, and is designed to withstand the type of damage endured by heavy-duty mining trucks, off-road military vehicles and racecars according to its product description. Well, when you put it that way, I guess it's believable that it was able to endure some bullet wounds.

The ClearPlex covers for mobile devices, which are currently out of stock, increase a gadget's breaking point by 22 percent, claims the description. It is also more resistant to corner peel than ZAGG, the invisible iPhone shield.

Check out the video below to see ClearPlex for yourself.