E.Life, a social media monitoring and analysis vendor, used its Tweetmeter software to find out whether Twitter could predict the Academy Award winners.

According to E.Life powered-elifemaps.com, if buzz in Los Angeles and New York is a reliable indicator, so far Inception will be the winner for best movie, followed by Black Swan.

The two cities, where most of the media industry is concentrated, alone correspond to 40 percent of the best movie nominees buzz, according to E.Life's tweetmeter software.

The monitoring uses E.Life Twitter monitoring software Tweetmeter. The software tracks and stores all tweets that mention a specific term and processes them to create more than 20 different reports.

The general assumption is that buzz in these two cities has a higher chance of indicating a movie's or star's influence.

In San Francisco, The Social Network has the most buzz, according to E.Life.

Performance wise, a Brit would take home the golden statuette for best actor, according to E.Life. Colin Firth has 50 percent more tweets, followed by James Franco. The same criteria hint that Natalie Portman will win for best actress.

For the best director category, the tweetmeter found that Darren Aronofsky from Black Swan has the pole position in Los Angeles. But in New York, David Fincher from The Social Network beats Aronofsky. So things get complicated and no predictions here yet.