Apple, which had disclosed details of its White iPhone 4 in July last year when the iPhone 4 was launched, is all set to launch the new product by the end of April, Bloomberg reported.

After nearly a year, speculations are high if Apple will benefit from the White iPhone 4.

While a long wait for the iPhone will finally come to an end this month, it seems there is too much of talk about the color of the phone rather than its exclusivity, fear experts.

When Apple is about to launch iPhone 5 by June 2011, chances of iPhone 4 'white' getting into good business are under doubts. The delay already raised a lot of questions about the device, including the rumors that Apple will be charging a premium for the new device because of upgrades like improved camera and the new A5 chip.

In short, it is not just the color. The Apple fans would rather wait for the iPhone 5 than the white phone, according to experts.

Consumers' view states that the brand value of Apple will not let iPhone 4 down. It is not possible that they won't have takers, according to an Apple customer. Unless Apple meets the hype it has created there are fewer chances that the new device will click in the market, feel customers.