width=331An online survey conducted on 2,000 Canadians by the Heart and Stroke Foundation stated that 62 percent had lost at least 5 pounds but their weight bounced back. Seventy percent of those surveyed said that the lost weight, and in some cases, more weight came back.

Belleville-area manager Heather Hedley said, When we work with the statistics, it really starts to get scary.

The report added that three million people from ages 20 to 39 in Canada were inactive and 2.5 million were obese.

Dr. Marco di Buono, foundation's research director, said We know that within the past 30 years, obesity doubles from ages 40 to 69 and tripled among 20 to 39.

Losing weight slowly and safely is the best way to lose weight and this would keep the weight from bouncing back, the foundation said.