If rumors are to be believed, Japanese video game developer and publisher Capcom is gearing up to celebrate Devil May Cry's North American ten-year birthday with an enhanced Devil May Cry Collection edition for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, a gift for its dedicated gamers.

Although Capcom has not made any formal announcement, rumors are doing rounds on the Web suggesting that the Japan-based company is all set to launch a collector's edition of the series as a tribute to the game's ten-year birthday after ESRB's site recently updated its listings for the first three Devil May Cry games to include the 360 and PS3.



devilmaycry.com: Devil May Cry 4

Previously, a Spanish retail chain accidentally listed a Devil May Cry: 10th Anniversary Edition for release on November 30 that has matched up with ESRB’s current listings.

Nothing has yet been known about the final release date and the price of the game, according to an Escapist report.

The previous Devil May Cry game, Devil May Cry 4, arrived in 2008. The game was set after Devil May Cry but before Devil May Cry 2. Here the gamer could control both Nero and Dante, the game's protagonist and the series' title character as they fought enemies in close combat using firearms, swords, and other weapons.

Characters like Lady and Trish, from the previous DMC game, also made appearances along with new characters Nero, Kyrie, Credo, Gloria, and Agnus.

The iOS version of the game was released on February 3 this year.

Capcom, however, said that the company has made no such comments about an upcoming collector’s edition series of the game.