“Resident Evil 7” is getting a free expansion called Not A Hero, and those who are familiar with the series know that Chris Redfield is going to be the main character. However, a lot of fans have pointed out that the character looks very different in his recent incarnation. So now Capcom is addressing the issue.

Ever since players of “Resident Evil 7” finished the game, there was much debate about the man that introduced himself simply as Redfield. This has fueled speculations that this character isn’t the real Chris Redfield and may possibly be Umbrella operative Hunk using a codename, as pointed out by Eurogamer.

Chris Redfield Redfield as depicted in "Resident EVil 7." Photo: Capcom

Capcom has now confirmed that the Chris Redfield in the ending of “Resident Evil 7” and the upcoming Not A Hero DLC is the same character from previous titles. The developer explained that characters in “Resident Evil 7” were created on the premise of “photo realistic depiction.”

“Resident Evil 7” director Koushi Nakanishi explained that even though Chris Redfield’s depiction in “Resident Evil 6” had a real impression, they still felt that it was “deformed.” This is why that CG model was redesigned in order to better suit the game engine of “Resident Evil 7” and the game’s overall aesthetic.

“The head is different from the real person, and the way of making the data is totally different,” explained Nakanishi. “So I searched for a model and started again from the photo scan, and ‘7’ Chris was born.”

Chris Redfield Chris Redfield in "Resident Evil 6." Photo: Capcom

Ever since 2009’s “Resident Evil 5,” fans have made fun of Chris Redfield’s physique. Unlike in earlier titles, Chris appeared to have gained so much muscle that fans have joked that he took steroids to get beefed up.

In “Resident Evil 7,” it seems as though Capcom has brought a more realistic-looking Chris Redfield. All things considered, this design of the character actually seems more in line with how he looked in “Resident Evil” and “Code Veronica.”

Chris Redfield will be the main playable character in the free Not A Hero DLC for “Resident Evil 7.” The expansion is scheduled to be released this spring, but Capcom hasn’t revealed an exact release date yet.