Capcom surprised many of its fans back in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, when the company announced the “Mega Man Legacy Collection” for a number of platforms and now the company has decided to dish out some details. The company has decided to detail aspects of the collection’s challenge modes, as well as the exclusion of “Mega Man 7” and “Mega Man 8.”

Announced on the Capcom Unity blog, it was revealed that the “Mega Man Legacy Collection” Challenge Mode would have 50 different challenges for veteran “Mega Man” fans and hardcore gamers. Each challenge will also have its own leaderboard for online boasting, as well as video replay functionality for those who want to see how other players progressed through the levels or want to evaluate their own performances.

Reasons were also given as to why “Mega Man 7” and “Mega Man 8” weren’t included in the collection, mostly due to how Digital Eclipse will be processing the game. According to Game Informer, the developers are using some of the original assets of the first six “Mega Man” games, which will result in some of the original glitches found in the original games, but also the complete elimination of hardware-level glitches. No news on whether the titles would get their own digital releases in the future.

Other aspects discussed for the “Mega Man Legacy Collection” include the filters that could be chosen when players give the title a spin, some of which can be used to re-create the visual quirks of older televisions. Fans can also choose to have the game stretched out for a full screen experience or choose unique filters designed for each installment in the “Legacy Collection.”

The “Mega Man Legacy Collection” is another part of Capcom’s plan to re-release older games for current-generation consoles, which started with the first “Resident Evil” game. Capcom has since announced “Resident Evil Zero HD” and has released the “DMC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition” and the “Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition” for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fans can download the “Mega Man Legacy Collection” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, 3DS and PC this summer.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Announce Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Mega Man)