Capcom has just released a brand new trailer for “Resident Evil 7” which features a new female protagonist and a lantern-carrying villain that’s trying to catch her.

Much like the previous PlayStation 4 exclusive demo released back in June, titled “Beginning Hour,” this new trailer is still in first-person view. The trailer shows this new female protagonist, named Mia, exploring new interior environments as she tries to avoid being caught by the threatening figure that’s carrying an ominous lantern.

The pursuing figure is said to be Marguerite Baker, the wife of Jack Baker who was featured in the “Beginning Hour” demo, according to Polygon. Perhaps this next instalment will unravel the rest of the mysteries left from the “Beginning Hour” demo. Curiously, the ghost mystery angle that the previous demo showed seems to be no longer present in this trailer.

It seems like the gameplay relies more on stealth which is a bit reminiscent of other games like “Alien Isolation” and “Outlast.” Capcom previously announced that the game will feature PlayStation VR support, adding points to “Resident Evil 7’s” scare factor.

The new trailer is believed to show the first actual in-game footage of “Resident Evil 7,” according to Digital Trends. This means that this particular gameplay will actually be included in the final version of the game. Capcom did confirm previously that the “Beginning Hour” demo would not be part of the main campaign.

Speaking of "Resident Evil 7's" main campaign and its storyline, producer Masachika Kawata revealed that the game will include a lot of playable VHS tapes that would fill in the gaps within the game’s storyline.

“So in the main game you’re playing as the main character. These video tapes are a chance for you to experience the events of the storyline from different perspectives — maybe even fill in story gaps. They act to break up the main narrative in an interesting way,” Kawata told Gamespot.

Fans first got a taste of how these VHS tapes would function with the “Beginning Hour” demo. This serves as a way to expand the plot much like how players find journals, notes or audio recordings in previous “Resident Evil” games.

What’s not made clear is how this game will connect with the previous installments. Perhaps Capcom is keeping it a secret until the game is released next year. “Resident Evil 7” is scheduled to be released on January 24, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.