Hours after special features for the upcoming Blu-ray release of “Captain America: Civil War” were revealed, a sneak peek at one of the deleted scenes that will be featured on the home release was released Wednesday. In the scene, which takes place during the epic airport battle, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Solider, can be seen playfully joking with Captain America.

In the rough-cut of the scene, War Machine (Don Cheadle) can be seen chasing Captain America (Chris Evans) as he runs away. After War Machine shoots a few missiles at Cap, the hero dives for cover but not before losing his vibranium shield. Cap’s shield then rolls into the hands of the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) who hurls at War Machine, hitting him.

The shield is then caught in the air by Falcon (Anthony Mackie) who tosses it back to Captain America. After Cap credits Bucky’s “nice save,” Bucky jokingly says, “I gotta get me one of those.” While the short scene may not seem like much, perhaps Bucky could be foreshadowing when he says he wants Cap’s shield. Should Steve Rogers ever stop being Captain America, Bucky could a potential candidate for the job.

As for why the scene was removed from the final cut of the film, co-director Joe Russo chalked it up to a crowded scene. “The airport sequence was obviously complicated,” Joe Russo told Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to track everybody’s arc and we felt like it was a hair too long, and that beat was coming at a spot when the energy was dropping.”

Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely came up with the scene during the morning of the shoot as way to solve a problem in the film but according to Joe Russo, the film didn’t even have a problem.

“We were looking for a transitional moment to get Cap and Bucky back together, but in editorial we ultimately realized we didn’t need that transition,” said Russo. “It’s actually one of my favorite beats in that whole sequence, but it’s just a function of storytelling and editing, and wasn’t something we needed to tell the story, but it’s a great bit for the DVD.”

Filming of the next Avengers movie, “Avengers: Infinity War,” has already begun in Atlanta. Earlier this month the Russo brothers wrote on Facebook, “And so it begins.”