If anyone were to type “Adventure Time” in either the iTunes App Store or Google Play, they would see myriad games with the cartoon’s name on it, though few have been as popular as “Card Wars – Adventure Time.” Based on an episode of the series, “Card Wars” became an instant hit with mobile fans.

Now the game is free -- at least for the time being -- for users of Apple iOS devices. (It remains available for $2.99 for Google Android users.)

The previous $2.99 price for iOS didn't please Touch Arcade because the game has a stamina system with timers. Still, “Card Wars” was a huge hit and consistently among the top 10 games bought via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

As expected from the title, players take on various characters from “Adventure Time” in the popular card game. While there is an official “Card Wars” trading card game, new players of the video version will be given a tutorial on the game’s mechanics. Jake the Dog will narrate some of the tutorial -- with voice actor John DiMaggio giving life to the lovable shape-shifting hound.

“Card Wars” has been updated various times, usually to fix bugs or improve the framerate of the graphics, while occasionally adding new cards. A recent update called “Doing it the Card Way” added Finn and Jake’s gender-bender characters Fionna and Cake, both of whom have risen in popularity and have appeared in more “Adventure Time” episodes as a result.

There’s no particular reason evident as to why “Card Wars” became free for iOS, because it was making money. It’s possible that the game is the current app of the week, which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. There’s no telling how long the game will be free, so fans better download the title right away.

“Card Wars – Adventure Time” can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free. Once the game is no longer free, expect it to revert to $2.99.

Official Adventure Time Card Wars Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/TouchGameplay)