After numerous successes with shows like “Bravest Warriors” and “Adventure Time,” Frederator Studios has announced that the company will base the company’s latest cartoon on the “Costume Quest” video game by Double Fine Productions. The series has been in production for quite some time now and will feature character designs from Zac Gorman, who also worked on the “Costume Quest” graphic novel, as reported by Polygon.

The announcement was made on the Facebook page of Frederator Studios, where the studio confirmed the news and even showed off some of production art for the upcoming cartoon. The page stated that it will be an 11-minute cartoon, so it appears to be one video and will most likely appear in the company’s Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.

Details on the “Costume Quest” cartoon are currently slim, though a picture from Facebook has confirmed that the studio will be getting actual children to voice the team. It’s currently unclear if the story will align with events that have happened on the video games or if the show will simply start from scratch. There is also no timetable for the release date of the cartoon.

“Costume Quest” came out in 2010 and was originally a role-playing game from Double Fine, which featured kids in their Halloween costumes battling monsters and participating in regular Halloween activities in a mission to save their sibling. The game proved to be a big hit and even spawned a sequel for current-gen consoles in 2014 called “Costume Quest 2,” along with the previously mentioned graphic novel from Zac Gorman.

Frederator Studios is currently one of the more popular animation studios right now, thanks to the various animated series that the company has produced. Most fans will recognize the studio’s work on “Adventure Time” on Cartoon Network, along with “The Bravest Warriors” and “Bee and PuppyCat” on the company’s Cartoon Hangover channel on YouTube.

Cartoon Hangover has also proven to be successful, with “Bravest Warriors” and “Bee and PuppyCat" having sold a good number of merchandise and currently having comic book adaptations from BOOM! Studios, the company that also makes the “Adventure Time” comics.

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Costume Quest: Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)