Wanna work for Facebook? Well, here are a few things you should know about the company, which is perhaps the hottest career destination among the youth today.

In 2010 alone, Facebook as an organization received almost 250,000 applications! Not really surprising, when you consider that in the same year, one of the most popular HR surveys globally - the annual Glassdoor.com Employees Choice Awards - named the organization the Best Place to Work in 2011.

In a recent interview with Universum, a leading employer branding company, recruiting managers at the fabled social media company spoke of the essence of the organization - something that every Facebook aspirant should know and represent.  Based on that, here is a quick checklist of 5 things that every individual hoping to build a career with them should complete:

A. Are you enthusiastic and passionate about Facebook?

People form the very core of what Facebook does and represents; as an organization, it expects every employee to be an impassioned ambassador of its mission and values. So, make sure that you have genuine belief and interest in what Facebook stands for, and are able to communicate this effectively in any situation.

B. Do you know anyone who can assess or vouch for your cultural fit?

Referrals are certainly not a necessary or sufficient condition, but could be a great starting point. Since cultural affinity and personality-fit comprise the most important attributes that Facebook looks for in a potential employee, 30 per cent of hires are made via referrals. In the interview with Universum, Matt Millunchick, recruiting programs manager confirmed that one of the ways by which they tap into the talent pool is through their existing employees who may know other similarly qualified people.

C. Are you suited to work in a bold and open environment?

The open boundary-less offices at Facebook are legendary by now; the management believes that this facilitates a collaborative, productive work atmosphere. One has to be temperamentally suited to work in this climate. But it is not just the physical workspace that signifies the openness in culture. Facebook employees are encouraged to be bold and honest themselves, and they must be prepared to accept the same from colleagues and management. These core values are reiterated in myriad ways - from posters on the wall to unscripted corporate videos.

D. Can you make a difference?

The open culture and autonomy at Facebook comes with the responsibility of actually making an impact. Employees have the freedom to work on their own projects, provided that there is, of course, concrete, usable results from their work. As one Facebook engineer wrote on his blog, Since my first day at Facebook, people have asked me, What's the most high impact thing you want to work on? Every project must make a difference. Facebook's motto of Move fast and break things is real, he says.

E. Can you let go of work-life balance (for most of the time, at least)?

The best place to work does not mean you have an easy life! Work can be grueling and you are likely to be pushed to your farthest limits to deliver. Performance bars are steep, and long hours and work during weekends are more often a reality of life than not. However, one ardent employee phrases it best on Glassdoor:  I eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook...however, this is entirely by choice...most people love their jobs and choose to work long hours.