‘Carmageddon,’ a day which had the potential of creating unbearable traffic delays along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, did not do so according to various reports which showed easy driving conditions as many Angelenos may have decided against traveling through the area.

The freeway, one of the most heavily traveled in the nation, was being closed down for the weekend as public works employees tore down the Mulholland Bridge to make way for a 405 freeway widening project.

Several videos posted to YouTube on Saturday showed bring, sunny skies and an almost freeway driving experience. Another video showed roads near the freeway were also relatively free of traffic.

Among the only complaints was that of one person who was annoyed that a television news helicopter was hovering over her home, making noise. The YouTube user said the reporter aboard the helicopter was probably reporting on the fact that there was no major traffic jam.

Another user had fun with the event, decrying in a mocking voice the non-existent massive delays and speaking the tragedy of ‘carmageddon,’ complaining that he wasn't able to drive faster than 60 miles per hour on one stretch of road.

Watch YouTube videos below showing conditions on 'Carmageddon.'

Mulholland Bridge being Torn Down:

Heading North on the 405:

Driving on the roads near the 405:

Frustration with a News Helicopter: