After the Boston Celtics won Game Five of their first-round playoff series with the New York Knicks, players from both sides got into a verbal altercation.

Boston guard Jordan Crawford had some words for Carmelo Anthony, who had a second straight poor shooting performance. It’s not completely clear what Crawford said to the Knicks star, but it appeared that he made a comment about Kevin Garnett having an affair with Anthony’s wife, LaLa.

When the two teams faced off in January, it was reported that Kevin Garnett told Anthony his wife “tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.” After the game, Anthony tried to confront Garnett by the Celtics bus, and was suspended for a game, as a result.

There’s speculation on the Internet that Crawford told Anthony that Garnet slept with LaLa. Raymond Felton got involved and had to be separated, after Crawford made the remarks.

Crawford, who didn’t play in Boston’s win in Wednesday night, denied saying anything to Anthony.

“Nah, they was talking to me, baby,” Crawford told the Boston Globe. “They was talking to me. Yeah, they like me. I think it’s that smile I keep carrying. I think we’re playing freely, not thinking as much.”

Crawford may be trying to get inside Anthony’s head, as New York looks to avoid the biggest playoff collapse in NBA history. A 3-0 series lead has now turned into a 3-2 lead, with Game Six set to be played in Boston on Friday.

Anthony, in particular, has struggled in the Knicks two loses. He’s shot just 18-of-59 from the field and missed all 12 three-point attempts in Games Four and Five.

"I’m not thinking about Jordan Crawford right now," said Anthony. "I don't even think he deserves for you to be typing about him right now."

In 103 tries, no NBA team has ever come back from a 3-0 series deficit. Boston has become the 11th team to force a Game Six after falling into such a whole.

Did Crawford talk about Garnett and Anthony’s wife after the game? Decide for yourself by clicking on the video below.