Crew and guests aboard a Carnival cruise for a Caribbean vacation Monday were reportedly transported to dry land after the ship's engine caught fire, reported Miami's WPLG

The Coast Guard responded to the scene and the ship, Carnival Liberty, was docked in St. Thomas, a U.S. Virgin Island in the Caribbean. It is unclear why the engine of the 110 thousand-ton ship was on fire.

Coast Guard officials said that no one was hurt, and officials are working to determine whether the fire has been extinguished. 

Through the company's Facebook page, Carnival Cruise line confirmed the incident Monday afternoon.

"The cause of the fire has yet to be determined," the statement said. "Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available."


Carnival Liberty was on the second day of a seven-day voyage that departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sunday. The 952-foot ship, which was built in 2005, accommodates more than 2,900 guests and maintains a crew of more than 1,000, according to the Carnival site

The ship has made headlines several times before over other worrisome incidents. In 2006, the ship departed from Rome and began a 16-day voyage during which more than 700 passengers contracted the norovirus -- also known as a winter vomiting bug.

Then again, in January 2012, the ship unexpectedly tilted during calm seas, causing water to spill out of pools and glasses and other items to fall and break. The cause was not publicly announced.

But Carnival Liberty has earned a few merits over the years: The ship saved a raft filled with Cuban refugees in August 2015 when waters became treacherous with the impending arrival of Hurricane Cristobal.

In 2011, the Carnival Liberty became the first cruise ship to serve Guy Fieri burgers daily as part of a $500 million renovation that included signature dining venues.