Caroline Monet, a pregnant 21-year-old, will be marrying her boyfriend, Abel Chennouf, 25, in a few weeks. The only catch is that Chennouf, a French soldier, was killed earlier this month.

According to the Associated Press, Chennouf, a paratrooper, was killed in a gun rampage outside of a cash machine in Southern France. The killer is suspected to be Mohamed Merah, a 24-year-old Islamist fanatic who has a string of other shootings behind him.

Merah told police that he committed the shootings to avenge Palestinian children, and attack the French army because of its foreign interventions, reported the BBC.

Monet's lawyer, Gilbert Collard, told the AP that his client is applying for permission to get married to her deceased partner. The request for permission was sent out today, and Collard doesn't foresee any problems with granting the pregnant woman's wishes.

There won't be any problems, Collard said about the ceremony which has already received a nod of approval from the office of the French President. Let the child have a father.

Collard has performed posthumous marriages in the past, which are not uncommon in France. I've already had it done twice, for policeman's girlfriends, Collard told the AP. It's really a moving ceremony, with an empty chair representing the dead spouse. These weddings usually are only approved in grave circumstances.