Country music fans rejoice! Carrie Underwood is back with new single “Smoke Break.”  The singer announced the release of her new song on Facebook and even told her fans about a sweet moment she shared with her baby son.

Underwood took to Facebook Thursday to share the good news and participated in a quick Q&A session with her fans, E!News reported.  The “Little Toy Guns” crooner described her new single as a “story song” which everybody can relate to and that “Smoke Break” is “about how life is so hectic and it's so nice if and when you get to step away for a second."

According to Rolling Stone, the country star wrote “Smoke Break” with two of her longtime collaborators, Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano.  Underwood worked with Lindsey for songs such as “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Two Black Cadillacs.”  Meanwhile, DeStefano and the American Idol winner collaborated on music pieces such as “Good Girl" and "Something in the Water."

The country singer also shared how the three of them came up with the idea for "Smoke Break." When a fan asked Underwood on Facebook how the song came about, she wrote that they frequently took breaks to go outside since the three were stuck on a song they were working on.  The country singer recalled, "It was so beautiful outside that we had a hard time focusing, so we decided to write a song about taking breaks!  'Smoke Break' seemed like a great title, so we ran with it!"

Underwood also revealed that a song in her upcoming album “Storyteller” is about her baby son, Isaiah Michael, People reported.  The songstress admitted how she tried to avoid “mommy songs” but was glad that one eventually made it to the album.  She wrote, "I'm glad it did, because he'll always have that."

The new mom also revealed sweet moments she would spend with her son.  She admitted changing some of the words in lullabies she would sing to her baby, depending on what she was doing with her son at that moment.  Underwood added, "There are lots of songs about diaper changing and getting him dressed!"  

Underwood’s new single “Smoke Break” will be included in her upcoming fifth album “Storyteller” which is set for release on Oct. 23.