The notoriously media shy Kristen Stewart rarely gives interviews, so when she does it makes headlines. In her recent interview with her childhood friend and assistant Suzie Riemer, we see a different side of the “Twilight” actress -- who smokes, uses curse words, expresses her love for junk food and reveals what would she be if not an actress.

The 25-year-old actress looks more relaxed and calm in this candid “Carversations” YouTube series with her friend Riemer. Whenever Stewart appears on stage or in various interviews; she looks a tad nervous. However, this interview showed a different side of the actress. She talked to Riemer with a certain ease on various subjects and even smoked a cigarette to calm her nerves. The actress admitted she was a little nervous because she was about to attend the premiere of her French movie, “Clouds of Sils Maria.”

Stewart recently became the first American actress to win a Best Supporting Actress Cesar award for her role as Valentine in “Clouds of Sils Maria.” A Cesar is the French equivalent of an Academy Award. Stewart acted opposite French actress Juliette Binoche, who plays the role of a famous middle-aged actress. Stewart's Cesar Award also makes a surprise appearance in the car's backseat during the interview. Check out the video below.

Stewart also discussed the black dress that she was wearing for premiere of the movie at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California. “Talk about drawing f---ing attention to yourself,” Stewart said as she looked at her black netted dress once again. Riemer, who is shown driving the car, then asks Stewart about her food preferences.

The ex-girlfriend of actor Robert Pattinson tells Riemer that she prefers Coke over Pepsi and prefers pho -- a Vietnamese noodle soup -- over Chinese food. Unlike many Hollywood actresses who can't stop raving about healthful food, Stewart revealed that she loves junk food and has a weakness for cheeseburgers and hot Cheetos.

Riemer then asks Stewart what she'd be doing if she was not an actress. Stewart's answer may surprise her fans. “I would probably be catering and hoping to get into props, and writing my first screenplay thinking that I was gonna change the world of cinema,” she said.

She also mentioned that singer Sam Smith has “such an unbelievable” voice. Check out the YouTube clip below.

Source: Riemer

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