In the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, actress Kristen Stewart opens up about sexism in Hollywood, her beauty and exercise regimen as well as women going over the line to preserve their youth. Stewart, who appears on the magazine's cover and is known to have a penchant for the sneakers-and-messy-hair look, also voiced strong opinions against plastic surgery.

The former “Twilight” star admitted that “fame is the worst thing in the world” and that Hollywood was a “disgustingly sexist” place. Moreover, she shared that having been a part of the entertainment industry since she was a young girl has made her see too many faces damaged through plastic surgery, emphasizing that the city has grown an obsession with the risky beauty procedure.

When asked if she would consider changing her own appearance, the actress was quick to say “never,” confessing that she is “freaked out” by anything that has to do with plastic surgery. “I think the women who do are losing their minds. It’s vandalism,” she said, as quoted by Celeb Buzz. She added that while it may sound arrogant to some people, she prefers not to change anything about herself and that she wants to do her own thing when it comes to her appearance.

The brunette beauty also revealed that she is not one to conform to Hollywood’s standards of beauty, which E! News reported was pretty apparent in her red carpet walks. Stewart would walk in wearing Converse sneakers and her signature messy hairdo, which she preferred over heels and puffy gowns topped off with elegantly styled buns. She shared that her look is either “really sexy or insanely androgynous,” admitting that her mother never taught her how to apply makeup or fix her hair, which was why she was never good at glamming herself up.

Her lack of interest in lacquering up is reportedly the reason why she almost always opts for mineral makeup -- which she thinks is easy to pull off, and better for her skin -- and has hair that often looks like she has just woken up. “There’s something about it that pushes me over into feeling like I’m wearing a costume,” she said about her tangled locks.

The César Award winner also revealed her workout routine, saying she does 250 or so push-ups a day, Vanity Fair reported. Stewart said she can do 40 push-ups in one go when she is in good shape and 10 when she’s not. Throughout the day, she would reportedly drop and do 20 every half-hour, which for her was pretty impressive considering that it takes her about a month to get in shape when she works out with a trainer.

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