Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony, the first book on the Casey Anthony saga, is in the works.

It didn't take long for Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow to start writing a book on Anthony, who just last week was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.  

Ablow is a FOX News contributer and has been seen discussing forensic psychiatry on TV shows like Oprah and Larry King Live. Publishing house St. Martin's Press has acquired the U.S. publishing rights and plans to release the book by the end of the year.

Hopefully, America won't be bored with Casey Anthony by then.

The book will stay in Ablow's field of expertise, looking at the psychological and familial development of Anthony in relation to the death of young Caylee.

An in depth book on the Casey Anthony trial could finally solve the mystery of who is Caylee's father.

So far, there is no book deal for Casey Anthony herself. Anthony is one of the most polarizing figures in America today. Like the recipient of another disputed verdict, O.J. Simpson, maybe Anthony will someday fictionalize the death of Caylee. Simpson wrote a book titled If I Did It, which told a version of the Nicole Brown killing.

Ablow has written nine non-fiction books in the past, including one with  similar title to his upcoming book. Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson, takes a look at the man who was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife. Ablow has also authored six novels, all with provocative names, like Murder Suicide, Denial, and Psychopath.