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The question of Who is Caylee Anthony's father? has surrounded the Casey Anthony trial almost as much as the question of Who killed Caylee Anthony? Despite the widely publicized and public nature of the trial, so far the identity of the father of the late Caylee is still a mystery.

Many have tried to figure out who the father could be, but Casey Anthony and her family have kept silent. Speculation as to the girl's father ranges from one-night-stands to Casey Anthony's own brother.

It was originally presumed that Casey Anthony's former fiancé, Jessie Grund was the baby's father. Grund lived with Anthony until Caylee was nine months old.

With all the varied reports, it seems that Casey herself might not know. Anthony apparently told a friend that Caylee's father was a really hot guy named Josh who she worked with at Universal Studios.

Anthony's friend Lauren Gibbs told detectives that she first thought it was Jesse, but then said that Anthony told me later that it was not and that it was somebody who was in the Army or something like that. But then she told me that he had died last year in a car accident.

Casey Anthony also told her mother that the Caylee Anthony's biological father died in a car crash around the child's second birthday.

But, in 2005, a pregnant Anthony told a friend that Caylee was conceived during a random one night thing, People magazine reported last month.

It was also briefly suspected that Caylee was the child of incest. Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez implied Anthony's brother Lee Anthony was the father. Lee Anthony's DNA was tested by the FBI and found to be just Caylee's uncle.

Making matters more complicated, the mother of a Massachusetts-man named Michael Duggan insists that her boy is Caylee's father, according a new report from The Daily Beast.

The mother claims that her son often talked to Anthonyon the phone, and once told his mom that she had a granddaughter. Michael Duggan died in a car crash in 2007, around the time that Anthony said Caylee's dad died in a car crash.

IBTimes wants to know, who do you think is the father?

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