Acquitted of the charge of killing her two-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony was released from an Orlando prison, only to walk into a chequered world of freedom where more media scrutiny, public remonstration and hate attacks await her.

There was speculation she left city to Ohio, her parents' home state, but that theory was debunked later on after it was confirmed that the private jet that left Orlando Executive airport immediately after Casey left the courthouse in an SUV had carried some golfers.

The focus is now on the first exclusive interview her attorney Jose Baez is supposed to give after Casey Anthony's release. It has been reported that Baez will speak exclusively to Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera tonight.

However, Baez had been tight-lipped about Casey's whereabouts immediately after her release. He had only said he hoped Casey will be able to find the necessary psychological support to carry on with the rest of her life.

Several members of her legal team feigned total ignorance about her whereabouts, and some of them said they wouldn’t want to let the world know even if they did know where Casey is and doing what.

Whatever is the case, there is money on any piece of information about her. According to an expert, Casey is in an unenviable position were she can't trust anyone. People can sell information on her whereabouts and plans as there is a huge media demand for Casey Anthony trivia.

Casey is in good hands, was all Todd Macaluso, a former member of her defense team, had to say to the AP when contacted by the news agency.

I wouldn't want anyone to know ... I think she needs to go underground and I think she needs to spend some time to get her life back together, said Terry Lenamon, another meber of the legal team.

Casey came out of jail with over $500 in her bank account, a much better position that most people in her situation. As many as a score of sympathetic admirers ha sent her cash in jail, making her wallet a lot more decent than any other murder accused's return to freedom. But in all probability she would file for bankruptcy as she has been slapped with lawsuits claiming millions in compensation.

Some of her make fans have also made public their wish to marry her. And there is the prospect of Casey cashing in on her plight by signing contracts to tell her bizarre story to the public. Her teary eyed appearance on TV and meaty narratives on her life in jail and the accusations she faced could be the perfect stuff to kick in money.

There is also a downside to the brisk commoditization of her plight. People have filed lawsuits against her for a variety of reasons ranging from false accusations during her trial and telling lies regarding Caylee's disappearance that caused the spending of tax payers' money for the search for the little girl.

She might yet return to some level of public life as it is estimated that there would indeed be some powerful elements in the establishment who would offer her a helping hand.

But it is confirmed that at least in certain places she will not be welcome at all. Her parents George and Cindy have said categorically she has been kicked out of their home. She will not be welcome anymore.

Restaurant owner Jeff Ruby published half page newspaper advertisement criticizing the verdict to acquit her and likening it to the OJ Simpson acquittal. Ruby said he will not let Casey dine at his restaurant. Ruby had famously kicked out OJ Simpson from his Louisville restaurant Jeff Ruby's.

Hecklers and demonstrators outside the jail said bad days will continue for Casey even if she was after three years. “She is safer in jail than she is out here,” said a protestor named Mike Quiroz.

Immediately after midnight, Casey emerged from the prison, accompanied by attorney Jose Baez and was whisked away in a waiting SUV. She had got a new hairstyle and was dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Protesters yelled at her 'You suck' and 'baby killer' as she got into the SUV.

People on social networking sites kept busy trying to know the latest snippet about Casey. So that despicable mother you know what casey anthony got out today.where did she go? I haven't watched tv, tweeted a twitter user called Bethenny.

People particularly disliked the idea that Casey was in line for making millions of dollars by selling her story to the media. Casey Anthony has million dollar interview offers Smh why are we making this woman rich&famous? #Why, tweeted Prince Miller.

However, the road to millions may not be traversed quite easily by Casey. The AP reported that several book publishers contacted by it said they thought she was too tainted to sign a deal.