Casey Anthony was seen shopping in Ohio, reported.

Anthony is reported to have family in Ohio. She was seen at an Old Navy, wearing an Ohio State cap.

A judge recently ruled in Anthony's favor, saying she did not have to return to Florida to check in with probation officers over a 2010 check fraud conviction. Anthony's lawyers argued that since she already served probation during her trial, she would not need to serve it again.

Anthony's lawyer, José Baez, recently expressed frustration that his client is still being dogged by authorities even though she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee.

"This thing is over and done," Baez told "The Today Show." "And for some reason, things seem to keep coming up again for no apparent reason."

Anthony is reported to have family in Ohio, which probably explains her decision to stay there. Also, her lawyer is concerned that, should she return to Florida, she will be in danger.

This fear is not unfounded. Last month, Sammay Blackwell, an Oklahoma woman who bears a striking resemblance to Anthony, was attacked when she got off of her shift at work. Blackwell said a woman purposely crashed into her truck, causing it to flip over.

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