Casey Anthony has rejected a planned visit from her mother at the Florida jail where she will remain until she is released on July 17.

Casey's mother and Caylee's grandmother Cindy Anthony had scheduled a visit with her daugher at 7 p.m. Friday evening. But Casey did not wish to meet with her.

This morning under policy, Casey was told of the visit and she has declined the visit so it will not occur, said jail spokesman Allen Moore.

Reuters reports that Casey had cut off communication with her parents during the trial. Cindy and George Anthony were at the courthouse daily.

There was and continues to be speculation that Casey was abused by her father, and that he may have helped cover up his granddaugher Caylee's death. Casey's lawyer Jose Baez indicated that Casey may also have been sexually abused by her brother, and suggested Caylee was a product of incest.

Baez told jurors, This family must keep its secrets quiet and it all began when Casey was 8 years old, and her father began to touch her inappropriately and it escalated and escalated.  Do you know what an abuse victim looks like? Is it tattooed on their forehead?

George Anthony denied the allegations of abuse when questioned on the witness stand.

The identity of Caylee's father remains unknown. Initially, Casey claimed that Casey told her mother on another occassion her former boyfriend Jessie Grund was the father, but that was determined to be untrue.  On another occasion Casey told her mother that Caylee's father was someone by the name of Eric Baker who died in a car accident. Casey's brother Lee has been ruled out as the father by DNA testing.