Casey Anthony was released from prison in Florida after being acquitted of charges that she murdered her two year old daughter Caylee in 2008.

Anthony, escorted by her attorney Jose Baez, was surrounded by a lot of security as she left the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Fla. There were mounted horses, multiple uniform cops with bullet proof vests and other security. The news coverage was intense as well with three helicopters looking overhead.

As soon as she stepped outside she faced a hostile crowd booing her relentlessly, shouting disparaging remarks at her including Burn in Hell, and calling her a baby killer. Others simply chanted Caylee's name and carried signs with the girl's pictures on it. Anthony got in an SUV with Baez and drove away. One of the copters followed the SUV where she went to an Orlando office building where one of her attorneys had an office.

The acquittal of Anthony has shocked a nation that overwhelmingly thought the 25-year-old killed her daughter. According to a poll USA Today/Gallup, 66 percent of respondents said Anthony got away with murder. Her trial and acquittal is the biggest, media and coverage wise, since O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder charges back in 1995.

Prosecutors accused Anthony of killing her daughter and then trying to cover up the murder by disposing the young girl's remains in woods near their house in Orlando. Prosecutors said Anthony's behavior and lack of emotion following her daughter's disappearance made her the likely killer. However, a jury said there was not enough evidence nor a motive to convict Anthony. Had she been convicted, Anthony would have likely faced the death penalty.

Anthony was convicted on four accounts of lying to police. However, because she's been imprisoned since 2008 while awaiting trial, she got credit for a lot of time served and was able to see a release.

Credit: Leakaltoid1