Weeks after her acquittal in the Caylee Anthony murder case and subsequent release from jail, Casey Anthony has been spotted for the first time in public. Casey's public appearance coincided with her lawyers presenting a motion in the Orange County Court house to quash and throw out an order made by Judge Stan Strickland asking her to serve a one-year probation in Florida.

According to her legal team, he judge's order that Casey has to serve probation separately in a case relating to check fraud, will amount to double jeopardy.

They also argued that under Florida law a judge cannot amend his sentence more than 60 days after it was signed, and accused the judge of prejudice.

Judge Strickland had made the order after he concluded that Casey had not served the one-year probation while she was serving time as an under trial prisoner. But he legal team refutes this.

"She's done her probation. If you all will go read the motion we just filed, you will see how blatantly clear it is, and how blatantly wrong Mr. Strickland was," Casey's lawyer Cheney Mason told reporters.

On Tuesday, Judge Strickland had ordered her to return to Orlando, Florida, to serve a one-year probation she was handed in 2010.

However, a day later Judge Strickland took himself off the case, which went to Judge Belvin Perry, who had presided over Casey's murder trial. Judge Perry allowed Casey more days to report for probation. She will now have to report only on Friday, when the court will hear the argument of her defense team.

Casey's defense team has argued that making her undergo probation in Florida will undermine her security and that the state will have to spend huge amounts to make sure she was safe.

According to court documents Casey had been accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a friend in 2008.

TMZ reported that Casey was seen shopping for clothes in Ohio, wearing an Ohio State University baseball cap and sun glasses. She was spotted and photographed in the Old Navy store and drinking from a Starbucks cup. She was also seen walking down a residential street.
Casey had been riding under the radar ever since her acquittal became controversial and ordinary people thought she was guilty in the murder of her two-year-old daughter.

Casey, already the most hated woman in America, has been threatened with revenge attacks following her acquittal last month.
After being released from the Orange County jail on July 17 following the acquittal in Caylee Anthony murder case, Casey has been away from public view, probably fearing the wrath of people.

Her legal team refused to say where she was headed following the release. Her whereabouts remained a matter of speculation ever since. But reports have now emerged showing that she has been moving from one place to another.

Her public appearance in Ohio was however the first since her release from jail. Reports say she has several relatives in Ohio.