A fist-flying brawl among courthouse observers who line up all night in hopes of scoring one of the 58 seats reserved for members of the public in the Casey Anthony murder trial has prompted Orange County Courthouse to change their rules for those seeking admission, ABC News reported.

The overnight altercation wasn't the first among those seeking admission to the trial, but none have gotten this violent. Punches were thrown as people, who began lining up as early as 8:30 p.m. Thursday night, were moving to a location closer to the courthouse entrance around 5 a.m.

Jessie Dorris, involved in the brawl, told ABC Affiliate WFTV that she was shocked when the men just cut in front of us.

Captured on tape are two men trying to cut to the front of the line. As they make their way to the front, they began throwing punches, and one lady is seen on camera punching another man to free her friend from a headlock.

After this morning's fight, the rules for gaining access to the trial now require people to line up at 8 a.m. on the day before they want to attend a hearing. At 4 p.m., a list will be made of those who can attend the next day's hearing. At 8 a.m. the next morning, those on the list must present identification to gain admission to the hearing. Those hoping to gain admission to a Monday hearing must line up on Saturday afternoon.

Casey, who is accused of murdering her daughter by applying chloroform first and sealing her mouth with duct tape, denies the charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter. She contends that Caylee drowned accidentally in a swimming pool. If she is found guilty of first degree murder, Casey could be sentenced to death by lethal injection.

The prosecution says Casey killed the little girl by suffocation and kept the dead body in the boot of her for several days. She then dumped the body in the woods near her parents' home.

The trial is expected to be concluded by the end of the next week.