Casey Anthony has reportedly denied requests to write a tell-all book, but now the former murder suspect has been asked to reveal more than her side of the story.

Anthony has remained mostly out of the spotlight since her high-profile 2011 trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, in which she was acquitted amid widespread belief that she was guilty. According to a report from the National Enquirer Thursday, the 27-year-old Florida native has been asked to pose nude for the men’s magazine “Hustler” for a cool half-million dollars. The report alleges that the publication’s founder, Larry Flynt, is willing to offer up to $500,000 for the spread. As of Friday morning, Flynt had yet to comment on the alleged reports on his official Twitter page.

This isn’t the first time Anthony has been offered a job in the adult entertainment industry. An insider revealed to the National Enquirer in February that after porn studio Vivid refused to offer a gig to the acquitted former mom, Anthony continued to pursue a possible career in porn that could be fueled by her public notoriety. “Casey has already gotten offers from executives at various companies that stream,” said the source. “She may be one of the world’s most hated women, but there’s always been a twisted fascination with her, and she can cash in on that notoriety.”

She's also received other job offers that don't involve stripping down. According to the Enquirer’s most recent report, new offers for television appearances have also surfaced. An Ohio-based TV producer allegedly offered Anthony upwards of $5 million for one sit-down interview, and another TV producer allegedly offered her $1 million to appear on the Fox game show “The Moment of Truth.”

Anthony first made headlines in 2008 after her daughter Caylee was reported missing in Orlando, Fla. The former mom became a murder suspect after the child’s remains were located by the authorities months after the initial missing persons report was filed. In 2011 Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder charges but was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers and was released the same year for previous time served.