The Casey Anthony saga seems set to start again. It appears there is no end to the public's morbid interest in details about how the 25-year-old, who was accused of killing her daughter, is living life after being acquitted at her trial. Fortunately, for those desperate to know, Anthony is now shooting videos of herself, which she calls video diaries and which she is uploading on the Internet.

Anthony spoke for about 4 minutes in the first video. However, she did not mention her daughter -- Caylee -- or her parents or even anything about the trial. It was a monologue where she appeared pretty lost and kept talking about how happy she was to own a computer and a camera. She added she was happy to finally be able to call something her own, after a long time.

She also filmed herself saying it was surreal how things had changed and also informed her followers she had adopted a dog. Anthony, who is currently at an unknown location serving her probation, also spoke about leaving the location, sometime next year.

Two days after releasing her first video, a second emerged, where she was seen talking about her new piercings and, like the earlier video, never referred to her daughter or the case. In fact, on the seven second excerpt available on YouTube, it seems Anthony is more concerned by her appearance.

I just pierced my nose last night, very excited and top of my ear, Anthony said in the video excerpt.

The question must be - what is Anthony trying to do? Is she looking for fame? Is she trying to cash in on an opportunity because she knows she is a public figure? Or is it as simple as seeking acceptance from the general population?

Psychiatrist Dr. Walter Afield, who is a body language expert in Tampa, spoke to WTSP about the video, saying the first thing he noticed is how vain Anthony was by showcasing her new short, blond hair and glasses.

She very much cares about her appearance. There's the second push-back [of the hair], he said. Afield also added her body language appeared to be seductive, when in fact she was lonely.

Well, you could say she's being protective or sexual. This is like the diary of a teenager, he added.

We hope she's safe, wherever she may be, said Anthony's parents, Cindy and George Anthony, to WTSP News.

Will the new video diary help Anthony regain self-confidence? Will it help her be accepted by the general population, considering she is giving them what they want - entertainment?

That is a difficult question and one that will probably only be answered with time. Can Anthony turn her image around?

Check out the videos available on Youtube: