Casey Anthony, the most hated name in the U.S., yet one of the expensive names as well. The 25-year-old has an offer from Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine. The porno magazine wants Casey to pose naked and if she does that, she will be paid $500,000.

On Thursday night, the pornography mogul told HLN's "Nancy Grace" show that he offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in Hustler magazine, and if her photos go viral as her trail did, he is even ready to pay 10 percent of profits, Orlando Sentinel reported.

Flynt earlier said he felt that people will not be interested in seeing Casey Anthony's photos, even if she goes naked. However, after getting off a book tour, he changed his mind.

"I just recently got off of a book tour where dozens of people would come up to me in Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, they'd say, 'Why haven't you made an offer to Casey Anthony?'" TheWrap quoted Flynt as saying.

Referencing the alleged $1.5 million that Anthony and her team are demanding for her first post-trial interview, Flynt said that she can easily make even more money. A good hair stylist and makeup artist could have her "looking really fabulous," he added.

According to Flynt, although many people think that Casey did kill her daughter, there are still people, who "want to see her in her birthday suit. So there may be some sick individuals ... but that's what life's all about," he added.

However, Casey Anthony's representatives have denied any such discussions.

Earlier this month, Casey was offered a job in a porn film from Vivid Entertainment, the production company that launched Jenna Jameson to porn stardom. But die to overwhelming amount of negative feedback, Vivid canceled the offer less than 24 hours later.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the Orange County Sheriff's Office spent around $300,000 in her trial and the murder investigation of her daughter Caylee. The total estimated value of the investigation and prosecution costs attributed to the case to more than half a million dollars.