The jury has reached a verdict in Casey Anthony murder trial.

The 30 minute advance notice has been given for the verdict, which will be read at 2:15 p.m. (EST) this afternoon.

UPDATE: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty - Where is Justice for Caylee?

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The deliberation on Monday took over 10 hours, with jurors sorting through more than 400 pieces of evidence presented by both prosecution and defense.

Court administration spokeswoman Karen Levey gave media a rundown of what will likely happen once a verdict is reached in the murder trial, reports Palm Beach Post. According to the report, Chief Judge Belvin Perry will warn those in the courtroom not to express approval or disapproval with the verdict. Then jurors will return to the courtroom and the foreperson will hand verdict forms to a court deputy. Upon reviewing the forms, the judges will hand them to a court clerk, Karen Delpilar, to read aloud. Perry will then have jury members polled individually to confirm that their verdict is true and correct.

1. If Casey Anthony is convicted of first-degree murder as charged, there will be a 48-hour break before the penalty phase of the trial starts.

More evidence and testimony will be given to jurors during the penalty phase, before recommending a life or death sentence.

2. If Casey Anthony is acquitted of all charges, the proceedings will end.

3. If she is found guilty of any lesser charges, Judge Belvin Perry will set a sentencing date within a few days of the verdict.

The time of justice for Caylee is nearing.

Casey Anthony's daughter, Caylee Anthony went missing in June, 2008 until her skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony home in December 2008. The prosecution claimed Casey Anthony, a 25-year-old single mother, killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony by suffocation and kept the dead body in the boot of her for several days. She then dumped the body in the woods near her parents' home.

Casey Anthony is accused of murdering Caylee by applying chloroform first, sealing her mouth with duct tape, and dumping the body in the woods near her parents' home. Casey denies the charges that she murdered Caylee. She contends that Caylee drowned accidentally in the swimming pool.