The attorney of Casey Anthony's parents has revealed that Casey's lawyer Jose Baez wanted George and Cindy Anthony to be media decoys at her release from prison, a request he turned down.

He also revealed that despite repeated attempts, Cindy was not allowed to speak to Casey after her release, or establish any kind of contact with her daughter.

After the trial Cindy tried to see Casey and again was rebuked. Now again, even a simple telephone call apparently seems to be too much for either Casey or Mr. Baez, so we're asking publicly that Mr. Baez at least reach out to me and let me know what's going on, attorney Mark Lippman said, according to The Examiner.

Casey has had uneasy relationship with her parents, especially after her arrest and during the trial. She had famously remarked while remaining in jail as an under trial prisoner that talking to her parents and family was a 'sheer waste'.

During the trial, Cindy Anthony mumbled 'I love you' to Casey after she took the witness stand, but Casey reacted coldly. Her defense team repeatedly attacked her father and brother, accusing them of molesting Casey sexually as a child.

Attorney Baez had also depicted the Anthony household a dysfunctional one.

Casey walked out of prison with barely $500 in her bank account. While a handful of strangers had wired her little amounts of money, her parents hadn't given her anything since 2008.

Though Lippman or Casey's parents know nothing of her whereabouts post release, they got a message that she was safe, according to Lippman.

There is strong speculation that Casey went to Columbus, Ohio, and there were reports that she had boarded a private plane at the Orlando Executive Airport at around 3 AM Sunday.