As the Sept.29 premiere of “Castle” Season 7 draws near, fans are still eagerly awaiting answers about what exactly happened in that Season 6 finale. While everyone thought the moment had finally arrived for Castle and Beckett to tie the knot, after an uncharacteristically light, screwball finale episode, the rug was pulled out from beneath fans feet when Castle was driven off the road by an unknown assailant.

Fans already know that Castle is not dead, or even seriously hurt (How could you have “Castle” without Castle?), and will be back for more cases, but who was responsible for the attack? And is the wedding still on?

The show is finally beginning to dish out some info on the Season 7 premiere episode, “Driven.” Series creator Andrew Marlowe told TV Line that episode 1 will pick up exactly where the finale left off, with Beckett at the scene of the accident. However the premiere will also feature a substantial time jump. As for the wedding, new showrunner David Amann says the show is “committed to that relationship,” while Marlowe says he knows he owes fans a proper wedding.

However, the creators are still mum on who exactly put a stop to this one. ABC released a teaser trailer in which Beckett, in her wedding dress, searches for Castle at the site of the car wreck.

Check out our four theories on who may have attacked Castle during the Season 6 finale:


It would not be shocking if Beckett’s biggest enemy was behind the attack on her fiancé. Bracken was not likely the man in the car, seeing as he was arrested in the previous episode, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t order the hit. We know he’s done it before. Still, the show seemed to go through great lengths to tie Bracken’s storyline up before the wedding and it would be surprising if Bracken was back already.


Could one of “Castle’s” most ruthless murderers be behind the attack? Jerry Tyson (aka 3XK) has appeared as an antagonist in every season since his Season 3 debut and the attack on Castle could be his way of gearing up for a Season 7 return, but running people off the road does go against his normal M.O. of strangling blonde women.

Beckett’s Ex-Husband

Castle and Beckett spent the finale freeing Beckett from a spontaneous Vegas marriage from when she was 19. Could the attacker be the jealous ex having a violent change of heart? That might be a bit farfetched.

A New Foe

The most likely possibility is probably that the attacker is a new foe and the beginning of a brand new arc for Season 7. Amann told TV Guide, “The mythology we're getting into is going to go past all that [former bad guys like Bracken and 3XK] into some new territory.” The producer says the reveal will bring to light secrets about Castle’s past that will test Beckett and their relationship.

Season 7 of “Castle” premieres Sept. 29 on ABC. Who do you think was responsible for the accident? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV