Apple has posted a video of Celebrating Steve, the Oct. 19 private memorial service for Steve Jobs. Jobs, who died at 56 from pancreatic cancer, allowing all those who missed out on the Steve Jobs biography today to watch others look back on the Apple CEO's legacy.

The memorial, which airs as leaks from the Steve Jobs biography fill the Internet, was video-recorded on site, as a private live stream of Celebrating Steve on Oct. 19 went to Apple employees and retail staff. Apple has now decided to release the Steve Jobs memorial service, featuring guest speakers like current CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft head Bill Gates, former VP Al Gore and musical guests like Bono, Joan Baez, Norah Jones and Coldplay. The memorial service, plus Walter Isaacson's authorized biography, are sure to give fans of Steve Jobs a more complete picture of the Apple CEO before he died from pancreatic cancer

Below, watch the whole live stream video of Apple's memorial, Celebrating Steve: