Bluetooth gaming peripheral Gametel is all set to unveil a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller that supports iOS devices, at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, which kicks off on Tuesday.

The Gametel driver is available for free download from the Android Market, and for the first time Gametel is releasing the driver for Apple's App Store as well.

The controller, compatible with the iPhone (running iOS 4.0 or later) and iPad (running iOS 3.2 or later), transforms the iOS devices into portable gaming consoles and raises gameplay accuracy and immersion to the next level.

The driver supports hundreds of arcade titles from the iCADE suite, including classics like Missile Commander, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Super Breakout, Lunar Lander and Warlords. Other supported titles are No Gravity, Silverfish, Super Crossfire HD and Terra Noctis.

This is how the controller works - it has built-in adjustable spring-loaded clamps that securely docks any Android or iOS device. And, when powered on, the controller will automatically connect to the device via Bluetooth.

The controller has console-style gaming controls (D-pad, quartet of buttons and two shoulder triggers) and its battery lasts as long as nine hours, making it the perfect companion for long journeys and weekly commutes.

Gametel has proved popular among Android users, but we’re pleased to bring support for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Now users can experience even more immersive gameplay using the Gametel’s console-style controls – freeing the touchscreen from fingers, Fructel CEO Bo Nyman said in a statement. Sweden-based Fructel is a designer and manufacturer of gaming peripherals products and creator of Gametel.