Only one more day before the Consumer Electronics Show starts in Las Vegas, and while many items have not been announced yet, dozens are already being leaked as the media descends on the desert. Smart TVs and super-thin notebook computers, touted as ultrabooks, are pouring out of manufactureres' portfolios, but there are also things like internet radios, new cloud based storage systems, remote controlled vehicles (smart one, mind you) and accessories on parade.

Whatever your favorite kind of tech, there's a good chance the next-generation of it will be at CES. That means all things mobile too, but only to an extent. While companies like LG and Lenovo are showing off new smartphones and tablets, most of the mobile items will likely be announced next month at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

At CES, the next three days will be devoted to smart appliances, smart cars, stereo systems, smart Blu-ray players and other sundry new tech (like a new USB standard called USB 3.0). If you're following along, remember these items are often prototypes, and they won't go on sale for often times at least three or four months. Start the slide show to see ten of the best new gadgets that will be out this year. Tell us in the comments if you are more into tech this year than ever, or if you are bummed your favorite new device is still six months away from launch.

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