A company called XDModo sells a super-handy solar charger that sticks right to a window for maximum power production for your USB-enabled mobile devices. It's full-size and mini-USB compatible and produces 5V/500mA of power to its 1300 mAh internal battery pack that fully charges in 13 hours. From there, your device can plug in and not worry about sitting in the sun itself, over-heating or over-charging. The window-sticking charger is just 1.7 centimeters thick, and is a photovoltaic cell in a plastic case with silicone pads for temporarily attaching to the window.

There's an LED light that turns green when your device is powered up, and the device sells for about $65. It's about 4.5-inches square and weighs a little less than five ounces. Start the slideshow to see this simple, elegant and Earth friendly charging solution. Tell us in the comments if you've used any other solar chargers before like Quirky's Ray USB solar charger.