LAS VEGAS- This year, Smart TVs have dominated the CES showroom floor. Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony have offered theatrical demonstrations of what's in store for television of the future. 

Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense is no stranger to this trend, as it showcased its new Google TV-powered technology that will  drive its television brand through 2013. Hisense seems to be taking a significant step forward in the TV space, as it unveiled its first TV featuring a transparent, 3-D display. 

This see-through TV panel was undoubtedly the major attraction of Hisense's booth, as CES attendees gathered to gawk at the transparent display tech. Hisense has not announced any plans to sell this TV in the U.S. The China-based manufacturer, which now occupies the former Microsoft space, also revealed its new flagship television on the showroom floor: the FXT900. 

Like its other TV offerings, the FXT900 is powered by Google TV. It also  boasts a detachable camera as well as stunning 4K picture, a type of technology that Sony emphasized when unveiling its own new Smart TV. Most notably, Hisense's flagship model will measure at a whopping 110 iches diagonally. 

As Hisense begins to move forward with its enhanced television releases, the company is clear that Google TV will continue to drive the platform. Another TV to make its first appearance on the floor, the XT780, comes with this service built in and can be paired with a double-sided remote. 

This TV controller is perhaps the one feature that seems to be exclusive to Google TV and Hisense's offering at CES. It comes packed with a full QUERTY keyboard on the back to make it easier to search for content. There's a dedicated button for Netflix and other apps as well as a trackpad to simulate a PC experience. 

This is nothing new for some Google TV users, especially those who are familiar with the Pulse box top set that launched earlier this year. However, the remote will be upgraded in the near future to Google TV 3.0 to support voice command, according to a Hisense representative.

Hisense's 3-D TV certainly stole the show at its CES booth, but we'll be interested to see when this technology actually launches.