It isn’t uncommon for Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson to share his day-to-day life on social media, but fans paid extra attention when the former NFL star posted photos of a weekend with a South Beach homeless man named Robert “Porkchop” Saturday.

Johnson, who wrote on Twitter he first met the homeless individual after he asked him for beer, started their day by drinking together.

Homeless dude asked for a beer, I bought him a case of a 24 n a pack of Newports, we balling together fuck it...…

After their mid-day drinking date, the football star asked fans if he should take home the man, referring to an early episode of “Keep Up With the Kardashians,” when the reality TV sisters did a similar act. Johnson resorted to taking Porkchop on a shopping spree instead.




Following their shopping spree, where the homeless man could be seen sporting new clothing and shoes all purchased by Johnson, the 35-year-old took his newfound friend to a night out on the town.



The men’s friendship didn’t end after a long night of partying Sunday, the football player meeting up with the man again Sunday, only to spend another night partying together.


Fans who followed the legend’s weekend date with the homeless man located Porkchop, who told individuals his pricey gifts from Johnson were stolen. Johnson told fans on Twitter that he is attempting to figure out long-term employment and life plans for "Porkchop," saying he doesn't mind spending time with him as they're both unemployed.

As of Monday, the duo were still meeting on a regular basis.