Episode 11 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” picked up right where episode 10 left off. When the remaining teams return to their headquarters following the latest challenge, power couple member Sarah made it clear to her teammate Jordan that she was fearful of her fellow competitors reactions after voting in their allies Johnny “Bananas” and Nany. 

As she expected, their reactions were far from friendly. Seconds after walking into the cast’s shared hotel room in Panama City ahead of the final challenge, Nia immediately attacked Sarah for her actions. Nia — who only recently apologized to Sarah for her latest Hurricane Nia episode — called Sarah a “sloppy, lazy, fat, b—h.” 

“Your big a— is going to die in the finale,” Nia told Sarah, before turning her attentions to Jordan, pulling down his pants while he was otherwise occupied. Johnny also slammed Sarah, calling her just as sneaky as infamous challenger Wes and comparing her to a “modern day Judas.”

“They can say anything they want because this is a game. It’s a game with one goal and the goal is to win money... If that means some people get thrown under the rug, who cares?” Sarah said.

Amid all of the tension in the house, the cast members found out they would be competing the final challenge in Norway. After arriving at their destination, the competitors enjoyed a day of sightseeing, but Johnny made it clear that there was a “distinct divide” in the house. “It’s just unfortunate that this dysfunctional dynamic between the eight of us is really tarnishing what could have been a pretty amazing experience,” Johnny said.

Back at the house, Nia continued to verbally slam Sarah and Jordan, so much so that Jordan decided to talk back. After bringing up Nia’s continuous visits to the dome and her failure to win at the challenges, Nia went after Jordan. She shocked her fellow competitors by attacking Jordan's sexuality, accusing him of being born as a woman, and groping his genitals.

“There is a fine line between calling someone names and then there’s crossing that line and actually physically grabbing and touching somebody and I mean, let’s face it, we can’t touch you. So don’t touch me, at all,” Jordan told the cameras. 

Following the incident, host TJ Lavin appeared in front of the cast and ordered Nia to collect her belongings. While TJ did not offer an explanation for Nia’s leave —some of the cast believed it was part of a the final challenge — Nia made it clear she was scared. “I can’t even wrap my mind around what’s going on right now. It’s starting to worry me,” Nia said.

Days later, the cast arrived at the final dome only to learn that Nia would not be returning to the game because she “crossed the line physically.” Despite losing his partner, Leroy was not sent home. In Nia’s place, Leroy was gifted eliminated “Exes 2” contestant Theresa — who also happens to be his ex — as his new partner. 

After the cast shakeup was revealed, the two bottom teams competed in the dome X-Battle. Following a few dirty elimination rounds — which included kicks to the face and biting — Leroy and Theresa were awarded the winners and given a direct ticket to the finale. As previously reported, the duo will join Sarah and Jordan and Jay and Jenna in the final.

The season finale of “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” airs Tuesday at 11 p.m. EDT on MTV.