Hurricane Nia returned in episode 10 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2" Tuesday night. After Nia and Leroy were voted into the dome by power couple Jordan and Sarah, Nia engaged in verbal battle with several of the remaining contestants in the game. However, it was Nany -- who only recently earned a spot back in the house with her partner Johnny “Bananas” in the final battle of the exiled -- who received the brunt of Nia’s infamous rage.

In episode 10, the two females went head-to-head after Nia labeled her competitor as a “slut.” While the duo did not get physical, their heated exchange did cause the male competitors to get involved. 

“The last thing I need is for these girls to start throwing blows,” Leroy said. Johnny later called the incident “unadulterated insanity.”

“I’m not just going to sit there and let this girl talk to me the way she thinks she can. I don’t care how big Nia is, she does not put any fear in my heart,” Nany explained of her decision to fight back.

Following the explosive fight, Nia and Leroy and Wes and Theresa headed to the dome. After engaging in one highly combative round of Hall Brawl, Wes revealed he was suffering from a neck and back injury. Despite host TJ Lavin advising him to bow out of the show gracefully, Wes refused and continued to compete. Unfortunately for Wes and Theresa, they failed to win against Nia and Leroy in the second and final round and were eliminated.

After making a triumphant return to the house, Nia let Leroy know she was still angry over being sent to the dome. Leroy told Nia he felt Sarah and Jordan’s decision was a smart move for their team and pleaded with her to remain focused on the game, not on the house politics.

“We are this close to this final. Let’s as a team hold it together,” he said. “It’s definitely difficult sometimes having Nia as a partner because of the fact that every morning we wake up, I don’t know what I may be dealing with."

Nia later went on an "apology tour," expressing regret for her actions to Sarah and Jordan, and shockingly, even Nany.

While Leroy was busy plotting about how to keep his team in the game and Nia went on damage control, the other contestants were sent a clue about their next challenge. In a shocking twist, it was revealed that for the first time in the show's run, the challenge would occur at night. 

"Don't Let Me Down," arguably one of the most frightening games in "Challenge" history, had the teams hanging from a building and climbing from rope to rope while suspended over a highway. After failing to reach the most amount of ropes as a team, Nia and Leroy placed last. Sarah and Jordan were once again victorious. They were not only named the power couple, but they also earned an automatic ticket to the final.

After winning, Sarah and Jordan were forced to immediately choose who would rival Nia and Leroy in the final dome. Despite having an alliance with Nany and Johnny "Bananas," the duo chose their pals to compete. 

Jay and Jenna and Sarah and Jordan will officially compete in the "Exes 2" finale. The final showdown in the dome will occur in next week's episode. "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2" airs Tuesdays at 11 p.m. EDT on MTV.