For the past five weeks former couples from MTV’s “The Real World,” “Road Rules” and “Are You The One?” have been battling to earn one of the three spots in the “Battle of the Exes 2" final challenge, but it appears one of the finalists will not get the chance to play for the $350,000 grand prize. The creator behind the reality competition series, Jonathan Murray, has revealed that one contestant will be sent home ahead of the Season 26 finale.

Murray dished about the unidentified contestant’s shocking leave during a recent interview with When asked to comment about former "Challenge" star Susie Meister’s negative review of the program – she called it a breeding ground for “sanctioned violence” -- Murray shared that the network takes the safety and well-being of the cast seriously.

“When we feel we need to intervene to send someone home, we do. Someone gets sent home this season because of actions they take, and in fact, it’s a woman, not a guy,” Murray dished. “[We try to] make sure it’s a safe environment. It doesn’t mean that sometimes people act in way we don’t want them to. Most of the time, they don’t go to a point that worries us, but occasionally if someone does, then we take appropriate action.”

So who was sent home and what caused producers to boot the contestant from the series? While the reality star’s identity remains a mystery, the Ashley’s Reality Roundup claims to know what caused the contestant to earn their one-way ticket off the show. According to the site, a female finalist was allegedly booted for “sexually assaulting” contestant Jordan Wiseley.

Typically, when one member of a two-person team leaves the "Challenge" – whether it's based on their decision to quit the game or a medical emergency – the other member is forced to leave. However, that isn’t the case this season. The male partner of the troubled female competitor will reportedly be allowed to stay on the show and compete in the final.

“Since this is the first time a contestant was disqualified right before the final, the producers will do something different to make it fair to her male teammate,” reported the Ashley.

The remaining female contestants on “Battle of The Exes 2” includes Jordan’s teammate, Sarah Rice, Jenna Compono, Nia Moore, Theresa Gonzalez and Jonna Mannion. The two female competitors joined by their male teammates in exile include Nany González and Averey Tressler.

There are reportedly five episodes left of Season 26 of “The Challenge.” New episodes air Tuesdays at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.