Karl Lagerfeld has waved his magic Chanel wand yet again to deliver another masterfully creative runway show. The Paris catwalk moved off the runway and into the supermarket for a unique twist on the ready to wear autumn/winter 2014 collection at Fashion Week.

While the store wasn’t exactly a real supermarket the transformation into a ‘Chanel Shopping Center’ was exceptional. Luxury food items were stacked on the shelf, and you could even see pots of Chanel paint.

But now for the clothes; there were lots of patterns in bright colors of green, orange, baby pink and the looks were layered. You could feel a 70’s nostalgia in the oversized sunglasses, and one of the stand-out pieces which was a bright yellow coat.

The collection was fresh, modern and cohesive as Lagerfeld described how he brought luxury to Paris:

"I wanted to show the ease of the clothes, the way they walk in those shoes, the modern approach even to luxury, that luxury should not be something like this, confined to a limited thing. If you are lucky enough that you can buy those things, buy them but don't wear them to show people how rich you are."

Models walked around the ‘supermarket’ bringing a certain level of relaxation to the unique catwalk. Headlining the show was none other than model of the moment Cara Delavingne who opened the show.