Channing Tatum, who plays the hero in the upcoming Marvel film “Gambit,” is reportedly learning the art of throwing cards. “Magic Mike XXl’s” screenwriter Reid Carolin spoke to Screen Rant about Tatum’s preparation for the role.

“Last night we [Carolin and Tatum] were with my friend who I went to college with, this guy David Kwong who is an incredible magician, and he was teaching Chan how to throw cards and do sleight of hand and all that,” he said.

In the comics, Tatum’s character Gambit is a skilled card thrower and he uses them as projectiles to attack his enemies. He charges the card and other objects with kinetic energy. He also has the power to change substances into acid and poison and look into the future with the help of tarot cards.

Carolin also spoke about Tatum’s accent in the film. He said that he has not heard Tatum speak in any particular accent. “[Hearing the accent] probably is a spoiler but you should ask him. I don’t think he has it yet.”

In the comics, Gambit speaks in thick Cajun accent as he comes from Louisiana. The character made his first appearance in “Uncanny X-men” no. 266 and has been created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.

Rupert Wyatt of “Planet of the Apes” fame is directing “Gambit” from the screenplay by Joshua Zetumer. Carolin, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner and Tatum are the producers. The plot details of the film are unknown but according to Tatum it could be the character’s origin story.

“It’s always about saving the world, but maybe we’re going to shift things a little but. There’s so many ways you can take [an origin story]. You could do it like Batman Begins, or a different take and go the Guardians of the Galaxy route,” he said to Empire magazine, reported Screen Rant.

The film opens Oct.2, 2016.